SeeTweet Troubleshooting FAQs

I'm getting a message that the script is running slowly, asking if I want to terminate it.
You probably don't. The script needs to communicate repeatedly with both Twitter and Google Maps, and that takes a while. Unfortunately, some browsers think that the script is broken because it runs for a long time, and will pop up an error message. I usually find it to take around 20 seconds for 50 tweets on my computer, but yours might take longer.
Give the script at least 30 seconds before you terminate it, and it should reward your patience by actually working. (If you are using the advanced search and search for more than 50 tweets, the script will take even longer.)

I'm getting a big grey rectangle instead of a map.
That's probably fine; there should be a "Loading..." screen, but this is a bit buggy and sometimes won't appear. Give the script 30 seconds and you should see the map. If the grey block isn't replaced by a map within 30 seconds, try reloading the page.

I got the map, but I'm not getting any results on the map, or only a few.
That probably means that Twitter didn't get any hits for your search terms and settings. It may be that Twitter is having service problems; you can check its status here. Twitter's search also doesn't go back all that far into the past, so if your search term is rare, the search may not have uncovered any hits. (This is especially true for multi-word phrases.) The depth of Twitter's search seems to be affected by their servers' traffic; search at off-peak hours may get you more results.
The other possibility is that Google Maps is communicating with the server slowly. If this is the case, you'll see tweets listed below the map, but they'll have "GMap overrun" errors. Go to the advanced search page and increase the geocode delay option to fix this problem.

Some tweets aren't showing up on the map.
Mapping the tweets involves sending requests to Google Maps' geocoding system. That system limits the number of requests it will accept in a given time period, and additional requests will be ignored. I've built in some catches to try to avoid this overrun, but some tweets will still overrun and not be plotted.
If you need to maximize the number of tweets that are plotted, you can go to the advanced search and increase the geocode delay. This delays the requests, reducing the number of overruns, but increasing the total processing time.

SeeTweet only shows (North) American tweets, but I want British, Brazilian, or some other place's tweets.
Well, you're in luck. The new version of SeeTweet has a "search region" drop-down box that allows you to switch to UK/Ireland tweets, and I'm working on other locations. I'm working on expanding SeeTweet's countries, so if you have a specific region request, please let me know at seetweetmaps at gmail dot com.

I can't figure out what to do with SeeTweet.
I use SeeTweet primarily for mapping variation in American English, but there're a lot of potential uses. You could try searching for sports teams, weather, tourist destinations, slang terms, or anything else that might have a geographical component. If you want some more ideas, check out the SeeTweet tumblr.

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