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The advanced search allows you to adjust three options: maximum number of tweets to map, the region to investigate, and the delay between map requests.

Search Region. This sets the region to map. The current options are the U.K. & Ireland, or the U.S., with more locations on the way. If you have a request for a different region, contact seetweetmaps at gmail dot com.

Max Tweets. This sets the maximum number of tweets harvested from Twitter. Less than the maximum number may be returned if the search term is rare or the Twitter servers are overloaded. Increasing the number of tweets will slow down SeeTweet.

Geocode delay. This sets the delay, in milliseconds, between calls to Google Maps API. If you are seeing a lot of "[Not Plotted; GMap Overrun]" errors in the tweets, you should increase the geocode delay because SeeTweet is sending Google Maps too many tweets at once. Increasing the delay with slow down SeeTweet.

Warning: Estimated run times listed for the "Max Tweets" settings are based on United States mapping. Other regions may take longer. On long runtime searches, your browser may think that the script has broken and ask if you want to terminate it. If it's not past the estimated runtime, it's probably not malfunctioning, and I suggest you let it keep running.

Questions or Comments? Contact seetweetmaps at gmail dot com.

SeeTweet was created by Gabe Doyle and is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical license. SeeTweet is not affliated with Twitter or Google.