SeeTweet: Visualizing the Locations of Phrases

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SeeTweet is a system for mapping the most recent tweets containing a word or phrase. Type in whatever word, words, or phrase you'd like to see mapped, and the 50 most recent tweets will be plotted on the map.

Each tweet appears as a red dot centered at the Tweeter's location, with darker dots indicating more tweets at that location. Mouse over the dots to see the tweet at that location. The complete set of tweets are included below the map. To increase the number of plotted tweets, or to search other countries' usage, try the advanced search.

Note: Mapping may take up to 20 seconds! If your browser displays a warning that the script is running slowly, this is a result of communicating with both Twitter and Google Maps. I advise letting the script run for at least 20 seconds before cancelling.

New! Map UK and Ireland tweets here.

Questions or comments? Contact seetweetmaps at gmail dot com.
SeeTweet was created by Gabe Doyle and is no way affliated with Google or Twitter.

SeeTweet was created by Gabe Doyle and is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical license. SeeTweet is not affliated with Twitter or Google.